Access the zone, stay in the present moment, be a team player, give your best when it means the most.


    Focus, reduce stress, stay motivated, be confident, resilient, lead by example, improve communication, improve bottom-line.


    Improve test-taking, overcome adversity, be a better speaker, perform better.

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ed_sports_smallEd Tseng, a world renowned consultant on peak performance, an award-winning coach, best-selling author and sought-after keynote speaker, has spent his life researching solutions to these challenges. He has discovered the secret to the human experience that has nothing to do with strategies, routines and rituals, and everything to do with the universal power inside each and every one of us.

Ed “passionately helps others by sharing a game-changing understanding of how we create our own experiences and reach peak performance…from the inside-out.” He has shared his message with world-class athletes, coaches, business leaders, students, and performers from all walks of life. Ed works in-person and by telephone/Skype with individuals, teams, and organizations on the mental game. For a free consultation, email ed@edtseng.com or call 609 558 1077 today!

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“I enjoyed hearing Ed Tseng speak about peak performance…his message was well-received by top college and NBA coaches. I picked up many great thoughts.”

ERIK SPOELSTRAHead Coach, Miami Heat, 2012, 2013 NBA Champions

“Ed Tseng has been one of our most popular lecturers and teachers. His message is a powerful one that can help anyone step up their game and improve their performance.”

TOM ATKINSWellness Club Leader, Whole Foods Market Princeton

“Academic skills will not help you if your mind is not right. Ed Tseng will show you how to operate from a clear mind and overcome stress, improve focus, and become more motivated. As a result, your performance will soar!”



Ed Tseng, is a best-selling author, consultant, speaker, and former Pro of the Year (USTA) who has helped thousands of people win more, in all areas of life. He has shared his message at places such as: TEDxPrincetonLibrary, Gulf Coast CEO Forum, Lawrence Township Police Department, Weichert Realtors, Princeton University, Special Olympics, Boys and Girls Club of Trenton, and with numerous sports teams. Tseng is an avid New York Yankees fan and foodie who enjoys reading, CrossFit, yoga, and staying in the present moment. He lives with his lovely wife Sarah, beautiful daughter Ava, and handsome son Maxwell in the Princeton, New Jersey area. Ed works with individuals, teams and organizations in-person, over the phone and by Skype. Email ed@edtseng.com or call 609.558.1077 for a free consultation.

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