Ed Tseng works with individuals, teams, and organizations in-person, over the phone and by Skype. Sessions include pre-consulting assessment over the phone, two consecutive days of training, and optional 6 month follow-up via phone or Skype. Weekly sessions are also available. Contact Ed at  or call 609.558.1077.

One-on-One Mental Performance Coaching Sessions In-person, via Phone, or Skype: Ed Tseng will personally coach and help you discover the missing link in peak performance. For athletes, business leaders, students, and individuals. Learn how to do your best when it means the most.

Corporate Staff Training/Executive Coaching:
What if your employees could improve productivity, exceed expectations, stay motivated, overcome adversity, decrease stress, increase job satisfaction, and have laser focus?
There is something very simple that people can learn to help their performance in the workplace (and life). It is something rarely talked about in the business world but can help all levels of an organization. Research shows that decreased stress and increased well-being in employees leads to high performance. We offer individual and group trainings for peak performance to business leaders and companies. By helping individuals discover their innate ability to achieve success, we see increased productivity, job satisfaction, communication, decision-making, resiliency, focus, motivation and leadership. I believe that peak performance is created from the inside-out, and State of Mind is the missing link. When people see that their experience and behavior comes from within and not from circumstances, situations, or other people, the game changes.

1. Individual assessment interviews via telephone with individuals/management/staff prior to on-site training
2. 2-Day Intensive Training (Princeton, NJ, or your desired location)
3. Follow-up weekly calls and unlimited email access (12 months)

Contact Ed at .

“Your mental coaching phone sessions have already been the best investment I’ve made in my game.”
-JEFF HALLS, basketball player

“As co-founder of an out-of-state medical device company, I was experiencing much stress in my business, family life, and health. Ed helped me gain valuable insights in this extrememly ‘noisy’ situation by helping me understand the power of a clear mind. Ultimately, once my mind cleared, I found laser-sharp focus which subsequently augmented my performance and decision-making capabilities.”

“Ed Tseng has been one of our most popular lecturers and teachers. His message is a powerful one that can help anyone step up their game and improve their performance.”
-TOM ATKINS, Wellness Club Leader, Whole Foods Market Princeton

“We couldn’t have done it without you!”
-CLAY BLACKISTON, Princeton University Men’s Squash Team, 2012 National Champions

“I always enjoy my mental toughness talks with Ed. If you want to reach your full potential, listen to what he has to say…and read his book!
-BRANDON LAIRD, former New York Yankees Triple-A Affiliate, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, 2010 Eastern League MVP, Rookie of the Year and All Star

“Ed Tseng has secrets that will help you not only in your sport, but also in life. He will help you slow the game down when it is going too fast. His book, ‘Game. Set. Life.’ will assist you in many ways to get to the next level.”
-CORY ARBISO, minor league pitching coach, New York Yankees

“Ed Tseng will teach you what the greatest athletes in the world know. If you want to get to the next level, and gain an edge over the competition, sign up today for his one-of-a-kind, Tseng Performance Academy.”
-DENISE CAPRIATI, mother of former world #1 and Hall of Famer, Jennifer Capriati