“Programmed into our very human nature is the desire to push limits. Here is the proof.”
-Message painted on a Special Olympics van

Today’s message is especially dedicated to all of the inspiring special athletes, organizers and volunteers at this weekend’s Special Olympics Summer Games at The College of New Jersey.

Well, it’s my favorite time of year again – Special Olympics Summer Games.

This amazing annual event gives me a true sense of pure joy and inspiration. I have been a volunteer coach for nearly ten years now and am enjoying every minute of it!

These athletes have mental disabilities.

But I look at it differently…

They are truly special.

Where else can you get an all-out effort and a huge smile and sense of accomplishment with a last-place finish?

All of the athletes, parents, friends, supporters and volunteers experience unconditional love and support during these games.

And everyone is so polite, saying thank you to the ball boys and girls. Cheering each other on, even if they are competing against each other.

Most of these players cannot even keep score, and you think that YOU are not cut out to play sports?

It’s not about winning. It’s about pushing yourself, giving your all, and having fun.

I don’t get paid a dime to work with these special athletes.

I’m lying.

I have gotten unlimited internal riches from my experience. And that will always be with me.

I volunteer because I love it and I feel that it is my way of making a difference.

And the only reason why I tell you about my work with the Special Olympics is that I hope that this may inspire you to do something equally gratifying.

Make a difference however you can.

That’s success. And that’s wealth.

So come out this weekend to support these great athletes. The first person to find me at the tennis courts gets a free copy of my book, “Game. Set. Life.” signed by yours truly and my entire Special Olympics tennis team!

Thanks for reading.

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