Today’s message is especially dedicated to the great Gene Swanhart, Director of Training, Special Olympics New Jersey.

Yesterday was a day filled with effort, energy, focus and inspiration. It was filled with laughter, sweat and tears.

It was great to see the many familiar faces of the special athletes, their special family/friends, and the special organizers and volunteers.

I love the smiles of all the athletes.

I love the effort of all of the athletes.

I love the support from the family and friends of all of the athletes.
Everyone was in good spirits and joking around. We laughed.

We saw 8 year old, CJ Inverso, light the torch at his first Opening Ceremonies. He has trouble walking and was assisted up the ladder to the torch by a police officer. We cried.

We saw over 2,500 athletes walk in by county in to Lions Stadium being cheered by a sea of people. We were inspired.

I can’t say enough about the Summer Games. There are so many life lessons during this great weekend.

So come out today to The College of New Jersey and support this great cause. All out effort. Gratitude. Unconditional love. Fun.

I like this world.

Thanks for reading.
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