Nothing changes until you do one thing…

“Get disturbed enough that you feel compelled to change. Get disturbed enough that you say ‘no more;’ you will not take it anymore. Expose yourself to the pain and confront it until you are compelled to make the necessary changes.”

Do you want to become a better tennis player?

Get disturbed enough about losing all of your matches that you put everything into your practice sessions.

Do you want to succeed financially?

Get disturbed enough about your credit card debt and start saving.

Do you want to start eating healthier?

Eat a couple of meals at home naked.

Last night I got disturbed.

I saw the movie Food, Inc. You need to see this movie. It talks about the food we eat and how it has become a business. A business that we haven’t been able to do much about. It talks about how there are only a few major players controlling what we eat. We’re not eating normal food anymore. What we’re eating is a result of the big companies wanting to make more money by producing faster, bigger and cheaper products. Processed food. Genetically altered food. Below are some notes that I took from the movie…

1. Chickens now take a third less time to “grow” and they are so big that they fall over because their bones cannot support their body weight. Oh, and they never see sunlight and walk around in their own poop.

2. In nature, cows eat grass. Today, cows eat corn. It’s cheaper and makes them fatter which produces more meat. This corn makes cows produce e coli in their stomachs. Then the cows stand ankle deep in their bacteria infested waste. When they produce hamburgers, they are tainted with e coli, but don’t worry, they add a beef filler that contains ammonia, which kills the bacteria. Then they package it and ship it to stores. Each burger we eat contains meat from thousands of different cows.

3. Corn is in everything because it is cheap to produce. We have high fructose corn syrup (one of the top ingredients to avoid), and there is corn in 90% of the items on the grocery store shelves. Corn is even in charcoal and batteries. Corn is sugar and it spikes our insulin levels. This could lead to Type II diabetes. Did I say could? I meant probably will. One in three children born after the year 2000 will have Type II diabetes.

4. It costs less to eat at McDonald’s than it does to eat real food. Low income families have to choose the dollar menu over fresh fruit and vegetables because…it only costs a dollar.Is this right? Is this what we have come to?

We are what we eat.

It can help us or it can hurt us. It’s our choice. The more we eat organic, the more organic food will be available. The more we eat fast food, the more the big players will make the farmers continue to produce mass processed food.

I know in my own experience that when I eat healthy, I feel better, I move faster, and my mind is more clear. And I know that I’m preventing future illnesses.

I have made a decision to take care of my body and not let the food producers dictate what I eat. If it didn’t exist 100 years ago, we probably shouldn’t be eating it.

Choose organic food.
Read labels.
Educate yourself.
Eat more fruits and vegetables.
Be nice to all living things.

Thanks for reading.

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