Today’s message is especially dedicated to the great Kevin Roveda, who is tearing it up at tennis camp this week!

Much of peak performance is staying in the present moment.

Everyone says that we should not focus on the past or the future, but nobody tells us HOW to stay in the present moment.

Here’s a little exercise that can help you stay in the here and now, have laser-focus and get the results you want.

Pick something that you do every day, like walking or eating. Every time you do this activity, give it your total attention. Do it at half-speed. Observe and enjoy every movement, sound, smell, and sight. Be mindful. Focus on taking deep breaths while you are performing this task. At first, you may have to consciously slow down, but after a while you will get used to it. Then, “just do it.”

Great athletes slow the game down to their speed.

Great people slow life down to their speed.

Be present today.

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