What game are you playing?

Are you trying to beat your opponent? Do you have anger towards the other team? Do you want to crush the competition at work?

If so, stop it.

When you start with a negative intention, you are limiting yourself. Negative intentions create negative results. You may get some positive results with negative thoughts, but they are not lasting.

Instead, begin with positive intentions. Love—love the game, love the learning and constant improvement. Love everything about the game.

You see, it’s not about beating your opponent, it’s all about mastering yourself. Mastering the game.

This is a game that very few people are playing.

The ones that are playing this game, say things like, “I’d like to thank everyone for their support; I couldn’t have become world champion by myself.”

The ones that are not playing the self-mastery game say things like, “Would you like fries with that?”

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