Recently, I had a high school athlete as a pretty regular client. But then I had my wedding, honeymoon and schools had spring break, so I did not see this client for a few weeks.

I called them when I returned from my honeymoon assuming we would continue, but no response. I also sent an email, and still no response.

I began thinking things like:

“What if they no longer want to use my services?”

“Perhaps they found another coach.”

“Was it something in my coaching?”

It is normal to have negative thoughts—even the greatest athletes in the world have negative thoughts. But the difference is that the ones who succeed are the ones who accept those negative thoughts, then realize that those thoughts are not productive, and re-focus on the things that WILL help them get to the next level.

So I decided to focus on my current clients and things that are in my control.

Well, I found out that my client was still on spring break and did not have telephone or email access. We are resuming this week.

Care but don’t worry.

Thanks for reading.

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