I know you want to be successful.

I know you want to be healthy.

I know there’s many things you want to accomplish.

So how do you do it?

Someone brought to my attention recently.

Let’s say you want to workout three days a week. You can set it up on so that if you DO workout three days a week, a monetary amount of your choice goes to the charity of your choice (i.e., Special Olympics).

However, if you do not reach your goal, the money goes to an anti-charity of your choice (i.e., the Boston Red Sox if you are a Yankees fan).

Does this work?


See, the problem with most people is that they try to do it on their own. But when you do this, it is too easy to put it off.

When there are true (positive and negative) consequences, we tend to stick with our goals.

It’s human nature.

I have had some people ask me to help them stop smoking and I simply had them write me a check for $1,000 and if they didn’t smoke, I gave the money back to them after the designated time frame.

If they DID smoke, I would go shopping.

If you make it important enough…or painful enough, you’ll get it done.

The question is not CAN YOU?…the question is WILL YOU?

It’s a choice.

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