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Today’s message is especially dedicated to my newborn daughter, Ava Marie Tseng, a five day old peak performer.

Many coaches, parents, managers, and teachers preach being in the present moment to perform at a high level, but not everybody knows what that means, or how to get there.

Well, this past Wednesday, June 19, 2013 at 11:45am, my daughter, Ava Marie Tseng was born into this world. Babies do not enter the world dwelling on the past or being anxious about the future, do they?

Of course not.

Babies live in the moment. They are present.

They don’t get frustrated, they get fascinated.

They don’t get irritated, they get intrigued.

They live in curiosity, wonder, love, and amazement.

Can you remember a time when you had a great performance? Were you in your head, or performing out of your mind?

Great performers have less thought and stay in the present.

Poor performers have more thought and focus on the past or the future.

Recently, I conducted a 2-day business training and some common challenges for staff were thinking about past dissatisfied behavior by customers, or anticipating dissatisfied behavior by customers, instead of providing great service in the present moment.

Once they realized that their feeling of stress was coming from their own stressful thinking, not from the dissatisfied customer, the game changed. They were able to come back to the present moment.

I have learned so much from my daughter already and it has only been five days. I know in my own life, I am at my best when I am engaged, focused, and having fun. This is a by-product of being in the present moment.

How do you make yourself be present?

Do you think babies consciously make themselves present?

No, that is their natural state. It’s OUR natural state.

When we don’t take our thoughts and feelings so seriously, we gravitate towards the present moment and that is when we have confidence, motivation, focus, and we do our best.

All my best,

Ed Tseng

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