Message #195 THANK YOU…

Today’s message is especially dedicated to everyone that came out to my Success Seminar yesterday at CanDo Fitness Center in Princeton.

I am so grateful for yesterday’s opportunity to speak to such a diverse group of people on the topic of success. There were elite athletes there, successful business people, a celebrity manager/agent, gold medalists from the Special Olympics, mothers, sons, etc.

Normally I speak to a specific audience, but there was something powerful yesterday with so many different people taking in the same message. You see, the principles are the same whether you are an athlete, businessperson, actor or salesperson.

Motivation is like potato chips…once you get some, you want more. By attending yesterday’s seminar and reading my blog, you have already taken the first step.

“It is in our times of decision that our destiny is shaped.”

Thanks for reading.

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