One of the most important principles that I teach and feature in my book, “Game. Set. Life. – Peak Performance for Sports and Life” is…

Don’t try your best…

Do whatever it takes!

I spent some time last night with the great Dr. Charles Frantz, Director of The Conservatory of Music. We talked about how both music and sport relate to all areas of life. We shared stories and anecdotes. Here is my favorite…

Supposedly, Franz Liszt, the great 19th century pianist, was scheduled to play Beethoven’s Emperor Concerto (#5), but he broke his fourth finger.

Now, most people would have cancelled the performance, but not Liszt.

Rather than cancel the concert, Liszt re-worked the fingering. And the show went on.

Now THAT’S doing whatever it takes.

How can you apply that to what you do?

Thanks for reading.

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