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Do you finish what you start?

I’ve gotten some great feedback from people who loved my book.

I’ve also heard that some people haven’t started it yet or are still on the first chapter.

Did you know that most people who buy a book don’t read past the first chapter?

What does that tell you?

Yesterday, I received a phone call from one of my heroes.

She plays tennis, soccer and football…

and she is legally blind.

For those of you who read “Game. Set. Life.” you know that this person is Jenny Murphy. Jenny called to tell me that she loved the book and to thank me for including her in it. But that’s not what impressed me.

What impressed me was that Jenny read the book in one day! It takes Jenny at least twice as long as most readers to finish a book, and she did it faster than most people. And she finished what she started!

What have you started but haven’t finished yet?

Be like Jenny.

For more on Jenny Murphy, go to Message #176.

Thanks for reading.

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