Fear is negative-desire is positive
Your mind is your brain-it is better than a computer
Attitude is a frame of mind
Simulation-put yourself into a situation when you last did it
Visualize-dream and know you can do it
Believe-confidence breeds success/winning
Self-esteem-know your own worth/ability/value
Goals, aims, targets-be better than the opposition; beat opponents
You must want to do it-power of positive thinking
Control-convert mental into physical actions. I’ll do the testing; I won’t be tested
Robot-record and replay the good things
Never get tired-just pleasantly weary

Winning is being happy with your performance, even if someone else does it better

This motivation message was written by Sir Richard Hadlee and he carried it pasted on the inside of his “coffin” lid wherever he played. It is now displayed in the Hadlee exhibition at the New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame, Dunedin.

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