Photos: Ed on Comcast SportsNet’s Sports Nite, USPTA Midwest Convention (Todd Martin, Ed with Derek Ameel and Collin Cadwell from Ferris State University’s Professional Tennis Management Program)
Today’s message is especially dedicated to the great Erin Fouty in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
After you read this blog message, you can tell everyone you learned the secret.
I was nervous this past weekend.
Very nervous.
I was one of the speakers at the USPTA Midwest Convention in Troy, Michigan. Todd Martin and Wayne Bryan were also presenting.
I get nervous before every talk I give, but I was especially nervous this weekend because I was going to speak in front of my peers, industry leaders, former classmates and tennis experts.
But I gave my talk, felt great about it, received positive feedback, and sold many books.
So what happened?
Well, whenever I get nervous, I know I am about to do something important. I would rather be nervous than not care. I also think about Tiger Woods.
Tiger Woods gets nervous before every shot…but he doesn’t act or look nervous.
If you are nervous and want to feel confident, all you have to do is act confident.
Winners and losers feel the same feelings, they just take different action.
That’s the secret.
Thanks for reading.
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