Here’s a an easy mental toughness tip that you can instantly start to use.

1. Stand or sit up straight.
2. Stick your chest out.
3. Bring your shoulders back.
4. Lift your chin up.

Now feel negative.

You can’t do it, can you?

I can tell you to try to feel confident, happy and positive, but you may not be able to.

But I can say smile, or act like the most confident person in the whole world and you can. The beauty of this is that even if you have to fake it at first, soon you will feel it.

Congratulations to Rafael Nadal and Francesca Schiavone and a special thank you to the great Angie Holmberg who snapped some great shots of Game. Set. Life. on her recent trip to London and the French Open. See below.


“The better player doesn’t always win; the player that plays better always wins.”

The fastest horse doesn’t always win the race.

The best team doesn’t always win the game.

Upsets occur all the time in sports and life.

It happened yesterday at the US Open. Eighth-seeded Victoria Azarenka, a three-time title winner on tour this year, lost to Francesca Schiavone.

Schiavone was the twenty-sixth seed.

She had never beaten Azarenka before.

Azarenka was clearly the favorite. She hit ten double-faults. The last one on match point. She proceeded to smash her racquet on the court.

So what does this mean to you?

Anything is possible.

What limiting beliefs do you have? Do you walk on the court thinking you don’t have a chance? Do you go into a test thinking you won’t do well? Do you start a speech and think you’re going to forget your lines?

At some point duing the match yesterday, Schiavone realized she had a chance to win.
And at some point during the match, Azarenka realized she had a chance to lose.

From there, anything can happen…

Thanks for reading.