Recently, I was speaking to a friend of mine, Ernie, who played football for Notre Dame in the 1940s. In fact, Ernie spent a whole year eating breakfast at Vince Lombardi’s house.

On November 3, 1945, one of his teammates, Elmer Angsman, a fullback got an elbow right in the mouth. They had leather helmets at the time. Well, after the play, Ernie said that Angsman called time-out, jogged over to the sideline and spit out four teeth (he ended up losing 11 teeth total from the play). Elmer stayed in the game. After the game, the Notre Dame coach walked up to Angsman and said…

“Why did you call a time-out?!?”

That’s being tough.


Kristy Frilling is a professional tennis player, and currently on the Notre Dame team. She competed in ITF tournaments and pro circuit events during high school, advanced to the semifinals of a $175,000 professional doubles tournament in Cincinnati, Ohio in August 2008, won $50,000 professional doubles tournament in Florida in May 2008, won a $25,000 pro doubles tournament and the Eddie Herr International doubles in 2007, advanced to the doubles semifinals of the US Open Juniors in September 2007, participated in the Junior Australian, Junior Wimbledon and Junior US Open three times, and played for Team USA in Barcelona, Spain, Prostejov, Czech Republic and Melbourne, and Australia.

I spoke with Kristy recently and asked her the following questions…

E:What are your short and long-term goals?

K:My future goals are to finish college while hopefully winning the NCAA tournament and also playing pro circuit events. After I graduate, I would like to play professional tennis, full-time.

E:What in your eyes are the keys to success on the court?
K:Determination, natural talent, and good resources.

E:How has tennis helped you in other areas of life?
K: It has mostly helped me be really independent, and it helped me be focused on other aspects of life because I know if you can put that much effort into one thing, you can do it in other things as well.

Was Kristy Frilling born to be a tennis player?

No. She was trained to be a tennis player. That means, if you work hard and work smart, you too can do anything you want. The key point that stayed with me that Frilling said was “if you can put that much effort into one thing, you can do it in other things as well.” Make the EFFORT and get the RESULT. Be on the lookout for Kristy Frilling.