The quote below is from a recent article on school testing, specifically comparing China versus the United States, from the New York Times.

“What’s best for kids is frequent testing, where even if they do badly, they can get help and improve and have the satisfaction of doing better…Kids don’t get self-esteem by people just telling them they are wonderful.” -GREGORY CIZEK

That’s what they do in China–frequent testing.

On the other hand, many schools in the US have adopted a “No test” policy.

“Kids don’t get self-esteem by people just telling them they are wonderful.”

How does this relate to sports?

You have to compete to learn how to win. That’s where you get feedback. That’s where you grow the most. That’s where you get confidence.

Too many people don’t want to lose.

You know what?

Winners lose the most.

Think about that.

Thank you to my father, the great Vincent Tseng for sharing this article. Read the full article here:


I recently started working with a high school tennis player who had low self-esteem and negativity issues.

His father called me to ask if I could work with his son to overcome his challenges.

Well, I did one long session with him and then gave him some homework.

I saw him a week later and I immediately noticed that his body language and attitude was completely different.

I said, “How’s it going?”

He replied, “Great! I am not negative anymore.”

I was skeptical.

I found out that he lost a couple matches during the week, but was extremely happy with his attitude.  He was a new person, and he had a winning mindset. He wasn’t perfect, but this was a great start, nonetheless.

I was extremely proud of him.

What did I give him?


Hold On Possibilities Exist.

What’s the point?

Mental skills are just like physical skills – they are trainable.

This young man is striving to become a little bit better every day, and I am confident that as our coaching sessions continue, he will eventually become the player, and person he wants to be.


“The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.”