PPP 017 Gold Medalist, Allison Jones

AllisonJones podcast_art

In this episode of the peak performance podcast, Ed talks with Paralympic Gold Medalist Allison Jones from the Sochi Winter Paralympic Games on the mental side of skiing and cycling…with only one leg.

What you’ll learn:

  • What it was like growing up with only one leg
  • The secret to a gold medalist mindset
  • Do elite athletes have negative thoughts?

More on Allison Jones:

Twitter: jonezyrocks

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PPP 015 From the Sochi Winter Games, US Luger, Preston Griffall

Griffall     podcast_art

In this podcast, Ed Tseng interviews American Luger, Preston Griffall (above, second from right) in Sochi at the Winter Olympics the day after Opening Ceremonies. Recorded over Skype, this conversation talks about the challenges of luge, the atmosphere in Sochi, and what it takes to have the mindset of an Olympian.

For more on Preston Griffall:


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