Recently, I was talking to Dellin Betances, the #3 Yankees prospect (above). He is currently having a great season at Double-A Trenton and I asked him what the secret was to staying focused and consistent. “You just have to keep working on the things you need to work on. Now is the time for me to do it, not when I get called up to the majors.”

It’s true, most people like to work on things they are already good at, which leaves their weaknesses, well…weaknesses. If you don’t work on them in practice, when will you work on them, in competition? Remember the quote from former US Navy SEAL, Stew Smith? “Work on your weaknesses so much that they are as close to a strength as possible.”

If you think it would be difficult to work on your weaknesses, IMAGINE how difficult it would be to compete against someone who IS, when you’re not.

Can you apply this to sales, school or music?