Well, we did it. Key word: WE.

Sarah and I were married yesterday…but we didn’t do it by ourselves.

We had an amazing facility manager, Warren at the Trenton Masonic Temple, one of our favorite chefs, Alan Meinster, our favorite band, The Alice Project, Elite Photo Booths, Monday Morning Flowers, Reverend Mark Larose, photographer, Frank DiGiovanni, and many friends and family members helping us out on our special day.

It was a team effort.

Nobody can do it on their own. And we are grateful for all the help we had.

In sports, weddings and life, remember this:

A dream without a team…is a nightmare.

Thank you to everyone!


“Nobody makes it overnight.”
-ALICE LEON, rockstar

Last night I went to a live taping for my favorite band, The Alice Project’s live DVD concert.

It was a great show and since it was being recorded, some of the songs had to be re-recorded.

That’s normal.

The band handled it like true professionals. And were they nervous beforehand? Probably, but they didn’t LOOK nervous.

One of their songs is entitled, “Nobody Makes It Overnight.”

I couldn’t help but think about the athletes (and non-athletes) that I work with and speak to.

Everybody wants to become an overnight success, but do you know how long it takes to become an overnight success?

10 years!!!

You have to put in the work.

Bottom line.

Thanks for reading.