Here’s How You Can Be Like Roger Federer…

As you’re watching the US Open these next two weeks, think about the following questions…

Who has a better serve, you or Roger Federer?
Who is faster, you or Roger Federer?
Who is stronger, you or Roger Federer?

If you ran 5 miles, did 10 sprints, hit 100 serves and practiced for 5 hours, would you REALLY be that much better tomorrow? The answer is no.

Do you know how you can be the same or BETTER than Federer, instantly?
With your energy, attitude, passion, desire. You can ACT like him right away, and guess what? Once you take action, your feelings follow and before you know it, even if you are not playing like Federer, you will at least be at a whole ‘nother level than you were…and that’s the beginning of greatness.

What it all boils down to is energy. This is what Dr. Gilbert, Darren Ventre, Andy Hernandez and I spoke about yesterday at Jackson Liberty High School. We didn’t give them tips on how to improve their skills…we talked about how they could be more motivated, and focused and ENERGIZED so they could achieve better results as a by-product. We spoke about how to dig down deep and give it that “extra” in front of ordinary and create “extraordinary.”

So as you’re watching the US Open this week and next, look at which players have the most energy. You will be able to see who is “playing tennis” and who is a “tennis player.” More often than not, the person with more energy wins. That is why I am never surprised when someone in the top 100 beats someone in the top 10.

Homework: Next time you go out and practice/play or go to work or do homework, ACT like the best or the most enthusiastic, and see what type of results you get.

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