I Second That Emotion…

So do you want to know how to beat a lie detector test? It’s actually quite simple…if your body (physiology) is acting in belief of what you are saying, you will actually believe it and beat the test. Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT saying you should start lying and ACT like you believe it. I want you to use it in a POSITIVE way. So how, exactly does this relate to sports and life? If you want to be successful, just start ACTING successful. If you smile on the outside, you will feel good on the inside. If you want to become a great athlete, just COPY the physiology of a great athlete. It could be on TV. Try to duplicate EXACTLY what their body is doing, including their facial expressions. This works for business as well…copy the physiology of someone great in your field. In school, copy the physiology of the top student in your class and you will start feeling the same feelings as them. This is pretty amazing stuff.

There has been many accounts where someone was diagnosed with an illness, a life threatening illness, and that person refused to believe it and just watched funny movies, TV shows and read funny books. These people began to change their internal states and it began to show physically, as they achieved full recovery.

The problem is, though, with most people is that their physiology is dictated by their feelings. It doesn’t have to be that way. Act they way you want to feel and you will feel the way you act. If you are in a bad mood on the playing field or in the office or in the classroom, take note of what your body language is like. Then, ACT like you WANT to act and you will instantly change your mood.

Homework: Start acting the way you want to feel today! After all, feelings are just feelings. Watch the video below of people who could have easily had different feelings.

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