What do you aspire to be?

What level is your effort?

If your effort is less than your aspirations, the space in between is just HOPE.

Recently, I had a female student who has been progressing nicely. Unfortunately, she goes to a school that has a strong tennis team, so she did not make the team last year.

But she’s not giving up. In fact, she’s working harder.

I recommended that she play some tournaments to get match-tough and experience some pressure situations.

She did. And played well. She lost, but she learned a lot and gained much confidence by just putting herself out there.

I have another student who, when he started playing tournaments, lost in the first two rounds for the first year. But he persisted, and then started winning. He now consistently gets to the finals of tournaments.

Most people don’t like to lose, so they don’t compete. But those are the people who don’t grow.

My students’ efforts are high.

I like that. And I’m proud of them. With a mindset like that, you can’t lose. The results come as a by-product.

Effort = Aspirations = Success

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