I have a new hero.

His name is Edison Pena.

Edison Pena was one of the 33 men trapped underground in the Chilean mines for 69 days.

And this Sunday, he will be running in the New York City Marathon.

While trapped, Pena, known as miner No. 12, ran up to 6 miles a day in underground black tunnels with a flashlight and often dragging a wooden pallet behind him. He ran in work boots. He ran in 86 degrees.

Before the miners got trapped, Pena’s daily commute was nearly two hours each way…on bicycle.

And then he became trapped underground. During this time, Pena fought with his own mind.

“I became two people: the weak person who wanted simply to give up, and the person who chose to be strong – to run and to survive,” he said. “Eventually, I chose to live.”

“I ran to forget that I was trapped.”

And even though he has never run more than 10 miles, he will be giving his all this Sunday in the marathon.

“I know it will be very hard, but I have no fear,” Pena said.

Edison Pena said he is an athlete, “not a grand champion.”

He’s wrong.

As for the rest of you reading, the next time you don’t feel like running, going to work, or studying…


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