A critical element of mental toughness is goal-setting. Many people think they have goals, but in actuality, they are merely wishes.

Most people know what they need to do, but most people do not DO what they know they need to do.

Here are a couple quick tips on setting goals:

1.   Write them down.
2.   Make them specific.
3.   Make them measurable.
4.   Make them attainable.
5.   Make them realistic.
6.   Make them timely (give yourself a deadline)
7.   Find an accountability partner (to keep you on track)
8.   Begin now.
9.   Persist.
10. Celebrate (then set a new goal)

The above is not a new formula, it has been around forever. The reason why, is because it works. And the reason why most people don’t achieve their goals is because they don’t stick with it. Taking action is the key.

I once went to the shooting range with a police sergeant friend of mine. He showed me how the gun worked, how to load/unload it, and he gave me tips on shooting techniques. We chose our type of target, i.e., a traditional target with a bullseye or a silhouette of a person holding a gun (a “bad guy”), which we could control the distances of.

My first shot was right in the bullseye! Beginners luck or good technique? I vote for good technique.

So what’s the point here? If I had just taken the gun and shot around, I would not know what I was doing, I would, most likely, not hit any targets, and someone could have gotten hurt.

Police officers go to the shooting range so that they can practice hitting targets. And practicing hitting targets will help them perform when it matters the most.

This applies to sports and life as well.

Write down your goals today!

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