“I don’t want to find myself in a nursing home someday, thinking that all I did was play it safe.”

I have dedicated myself to researching how the great ones became great.

One reason is because they take risks.

Most athletes like to stay in their comfort zones. For example, I see too many doubles players stay back at the baseline because they are more comfortable. But the truth is, they will win more points at the net, even if they don’t want to be there. They think that if they come in, they will either get passed or lobbed.

They’re worried about something that hasn’t even happened yet!
This happens in the workforce too. Many people don’t want to start their own business for fear of failure.

Many musicians don’t like to play in front of audiences for fear of a poor performance.

The winners take risks because their mindset is that they can get back whatever they lose.

It’s not about the results anyway. The great ones know that it’s all about learning, improving and having fun.

How can you learn and improve if you don’t takes risks?

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