I read something interesting the other day. In a study done at Newcastle University, researchers found that cows produce more milk if they are given names. When more of a personal touch is used by the care-takers, the cattle could produce up to 500 more pints of milk per year.

So if you’re in sales, or a boss, teacher, coach, romantic partner or teammate, try giving a more personal touch to others. If people feel more like a person than a number, they are more likely to give more and get better results. Use people’s names. Compliment them. People will reach their potential quicker if positive reinforcement is used instead of negative reinforcement. Below are two examples:

Good: “Pam, I really liked the way you stayed focused even towards the end of practice when you were tired.”

Bad: “That’s the fifth ball you hit into the net! Go run five laps!”

Treat people better and they will perform better.

Thanks for reading.

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