Today’s message is especially dedicated to the great Alex Gonzalez in Ohio.

“By anticipating the impact of the uncontrollables on your competition, you can use them as a confidence booster.”
-DR. ALAN GOLDBERG, noted sports psychologist

Let me explain…

There are some things you can control in sports and there are some things you cannot control. Focus on the things you can control, but be prepared for the things you cannot.

You cannot control the weather.
You cannot control what your opponent does.
You cannot control the umpires.

Many of you will have high school and middle school sports tryouts in early March. And many of you are currently training indoors in preparation. But guess what? Your tryouts are going to be OUTDOORS. Here’s how you can use it to your advantage…

Before tryouts, start training and practicing outdoors. When you do this, it will be more familiar and comfortable when you do go outdoors. Most people will be complaining about the weather and performing poorly. You will feel right at home and perform at a high level.

It’s good to train hard. It’s better to train smart.

Thanks for reading.

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