Today’s message is especially dedicated to the great Dan Horowitz.

“Being a champion is all well and good, but you can’t eat a crown.”
-ALTHEA GIBSON, after retiring from tennis

“I used to play golf with a guy who cheated so badly that he once had a hole in one and wrote down zero on the scorecard.”

“The only way I can make five As is when I sign my name.”
-ALAA ABDELNABY, on his academic career at Duke

“When you’re as great as I am, it’s hard to be humble.”

“It took me 17 years to get 3,000 hits. I did it in one afternoon on the golf course.”

“Blind people came to the park just to listen to him pitch.”
-REGGIE JACKSON, on Tom Seaver

“Cobb lived off the field as though he wished to live forever. He lived on the field as though it was his last day.”

“He’s so good, I even worry about him in winter.”
-TED WILLIAMS, on Bob Lemon

“Franco Harris faked me out so bad one time that I got a 15-yard penalty for grabbing my own face mask.”

“She’s like the old Green Bay Packers. You know exactly what she’s going to do, but there isn’t a thing you can do about it.”
-ARTHUR ASHE, on Martina Navratilova

“A hotel operator called and said I had been indicted. I panicked and said, ‘For what?'”
-JOHN MACKEY, on how he found out about being inducted into the Football Hall of Fame

“We’re more aggressive, more mobile, and more smarter.”
-GREG LLOYD, Steelers’ linebacker, on why the Steelers had better linebackers than the Bears

From 2,000 Sports Quips and Quotes by Glenn Liebman.

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