Well, I think Tiger Woods definitely said the right things in his recent public statement, but communication is only 7 percent the actual words. 38 percent is the tone, and 55 percent is body language.

I respect Tiger for admitting the truth, unlike some celebrities, but I wanted to see some emotion. I wanted to hear him speak from the heart. His tone (38 percent) and his body language (55 percent) were just like his golf game, unemotional. Many say that he didn’t get emotional because he’s not an emotional guy. I suppose that’s true, but I’m still not convinced – did he REALLY need to read word-for-word? Did he really need to be that monotone? Perhaps it was part of his poker-face and he didn’t want to show any weakness.

I asked my friend, Tom Jolly, Sports Editor, New York Times what he thought about Tiger’s statement.

“It was certainly a forthright apology, none of that, ‘if i offended anyone …’ stuff ; it seemed straight out of a 12-step program.”

Nobody knows how heart-felt Tiger’s statement was, only Tiger knows that. But I do think that he will be back and his game will be stronger than ever. And I hope that one of Tiger’s goals is to turn this whole fiasco into something that everyone can learn from, including Tiger. That would be the only way he could win my respect back.

For the full transcript of Tiger Woods’s statement, click HERE:


What are YOUR thoughts on Tiger Woods?

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