I can’t wait until tomorrow…

Yes, tomorrow is my birthday, but that’s not why I’m excited.

I’m excited because for every book I sell on Amazon, I am donating a book to the NJTL of Trenton, a non -profit that provides tennis, education and nutrition to children in need. I am going to sign and personally deliver the books to their office in time for the holidays. I’m not going to make money on my birthday, but I’m going to do something better…

I’m going to make a difference.

See, life is not about how much you get – life’s about how much you give.

So please buy my book tomorrow on Amazon…email all your friends, family and co-workers, post it on your status on facebook, tell everyone following you on twitter, and if you can’t afford $15, beg, borrow, but don’t steal…It will help out a child in need and it will be your way of making a difference.

“I wanted to spend my life doing something that made a difference in the lives of others.”

-Joe Holland

Thanks for reading.

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