S + D = D

Situation + Decision = Destiny

Last night I was at a local place and ordered a pizza. When the waitress brought it over, it was burnt. Now, I like my pizza well-done, but the crust on this particular pizza was black. After a few seconds of pondering, I asked if they would please make me a new one. They did. I was happy. Problem solved.

But what if the situation was different? What if I unhappily ate the burnt pizza?

There was a point when the pizza maker, who just happened to be the owner, took the pizza out of the oven, saw that it was burnt, and had to make a decision whether to toss it, give it to his employees to eat, or give it to the customer (Situation).

He chose to give it to the customer (Decision). I was fine with sending it back and getting what I wanted, but what if it was my first time there, and/or I just ate the unsatisfactory pizza? I probably wouldn’t go back there (Destiny).

Now there will come a time in your day today that you will be faced with a situation and have to make a decision.

Should I serve that burnt pizza?
Should I go to the gym?
Should I make that cold call?
Should I study?

What destiny are you creating?

You could have a new satisfied repeat customer. Or not.
You could get stronger and get the edge over your competitors. Or not.
You could make that sale. Or not.
You could get an A on that test. Or not.

You could choose to make good decisions. Or not.

Thanks for reading.

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