Once upon a time, a farmer noticed some unusual activity behind his barn which continued for several weeks. Two huge majestic birds continually circled the area, coming and going at different times. When the farmer went to investigate, he noticed a huge nest perched at the top of the barn. After a little research he realized that the birds were eagles.

One day he decided to try a little experiment. He snuck up to the nest, took out one of the eggs and placed it in one of his chicken coops with some other eggs in a hen’s nest. Two weeks passed and all the eggs in the chicken’s nest hatched, including the strange looking, larger one. All the new born chicks were then taken out by their mother to parade around the barnyard and to learn all the things that chicks need to know, i.e. how to walk like a chick, scratch for feed, peck for corn, etc. All the chicks learned their lessons well, including the huge, funny looking one that had come from that strange egg.

Months passed and the chicks grew into chickens. While they’d flap their wings and squawk a lot, they never flew because EVERYONE KNOWS that chickens can’t fly. The biggest “chicken,” which looked very much like an eagle, followed all the other chickens around, acting like a chicken, which is of course what he BELIEVED himself to be.

One day he was out in the middle of the barnyard scratching for feed when this majestic bird soared overhead. Everyone in the yard stopped to gawk. The big “chicken” who was really an eagle asked King Rooster, the wise old sage of the barn yard, what kind of bird could fly so powerfully and gracefully. King Rooster proudly replied, “That my son is an Eagle, the greatest bird of all!” The funny looking chicken, gazed wistfully up to the clouds and replied, “Oh how I wish I were an eagle so that I might fly like that”. Where upon King Rooster and everyone else listening began to laugh. “Don’t be silly, son”, the rooster advised, “You’re a chicken and everyone KNOWS that chicken CAN’T fly!”

And so for the rest of his life, the big, funny looking chicken stayed in the barn yard acting like a chicken, wishing he was an eagle and never even attempting to fly.

What limiting beliefs do you have in your life?

Thanks for reading.

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