Today’s message is especially dedicated to Bernie in the UK…safe trip to Zimbabwe.

A young woman successfully achieved a considerable weight loss-here is what she did: She pictured explicitly the weight she wanted to reach by a certain age. Each time she was tempted, she estimated how long it would take her to eat the gooey desserts, chocolates, or other rich food. Then she thought how happy she would feel after those few minutes she had not eaten it. For the first time she began to experience the thrill of self-mastery. At bedtime, she ran over her temptations mentally and added up all the fattening things she had not eaten that day. Eagerly, she looked forward to topping her record the next day. She achieved her weight goal. And she held it, too.

From Have a Great Day by Norman Vincent Peale.

Do you think this only applies to weight loss?

Of course not. Apply this strategy to sports, sales or school and you will get closer to peak performance.

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