Five birds are sitting on a wire.

Three of them decide to fly off.

How many birds are left?

Most say two.

The answer: five.

Just because the three birds decided to fly off, doesn’t mean they did.

What are you putting off doing today?

Remember…Motivation is not a feeling, it’s an ACTION.


Three bunnies were playing in the park.

Two of the bunnies decided to hop home.

How many bunnies were left?

Most people say one.

The answer is three. Just because the bunnies DECIDED to hop home doesn’t meant that they actually did.

People are the same way.



S + D = D

Situation + Decision = Destiny

Last night I was at a local place and ordered a pizza. When the waitress brought it over, it was burnt. Now, I like my pizza well-done, but the crust on this particular pizza was black. After a few seconds of pondering, I asked if they would please make me a new one. They did. I was happy. Problem solved.

But what if the situation was different? What if I unhappily ate the burnt pizza?

There was a point when the pizza maker, who just happened to be the owner, took the pizza out of the oven, saw that it was burnt, and had to make a decision whether to toss it, give it to his employees to eat, or give it to the customer (Situation).

He chose to give it to the customer (Decision). I was fine with sending it back and getting what I wanted, but what if it was my first time there, and/or I just ate the unsatisfactory pizza? I probably wouldn’t go back there (Destiny).

Now there will come a time in your day today that you will be faced with a situation and have to make a decision.

Should I serve that burnt pizza?
Should I go to the gym?
Should I make that cold call?
Should I study?

What destiny are you creating?

You could have a new satisfied repeat customer. Or not.
You could get stronger and get the edge over your competitors. Or not.
You could make that sale. Or not.
You could get an A on that test. Or not.

You could choose to make good decisions. Or not.

Thanks for reading.