Procrastination can keep you from attaining your goals. Since today is Super Bowl Sunday, I’d like to tell you my favorite football story…

All the animals were gathered ’round for a game of football. The large animals were on the same team, like the elephants, lions, bears, etc., and all of the small animals, like the rabbits, squirrels and insects, were on the opposing team. Well, the large animals kicked off and the small animals were stopped on their 20-yard line. On the first play, there was a hand-off to the rabbit and he got stopped at the line of scrimmage. The next play, the squirrel, (quarterback) got sacked for a loss of five yards. This continued and after the first quarter, the score was, 21-0, in favor of the large animals. At the half, the score was 35-0.

The small animals kicked off to start the second half and the tiger caught the ball and was stopped at the 15-yard line. On the first play, there was a hand-off to the jaguar and he was stopped at the line of scrimmage. After that, the quarterback was sacked for a loss of three yards. Then, there was another hand-off and the cougar was tackled for only a gain of one yard. He looked down and saw a centipede smiling up at him. “Did you just tackle me?!” The centipede happily replied, “Yup, I tackled the jaguar and quarterback too!”

So the small animal team was excited and on a roll. The rabbit ran up to the centipede and said, “Great job, but where were you in the first half?!”

The centipede replied, “I was tying my shoes.”

Don’t wait, be great today.

Thanks for reading.

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