Anthony Kelly (above) likes to catch arrows with his bare hands. In fact, he also likes to catch paint balls. Kelly holds five Guinness World Records and supposedly has the fastest reactions on the planet. I caught up with Anthony recently and below is what I unearthed.

ET: What inspired you to do what you do?

AK: I was brought up watching Mohammed Ali and Bruce Lee and wanted to be like them (or better). I was amazed with their speed and power, also their strength of character.

ET: How do you train?

AK: I train and coach everyday both martial arts and Reaction Training from the beginners through to Olympic level athletes. This is important as our brains work in the same way but on different levels and I have found a way to open the channel between advanced and unexperienced athletes by the use of using basic learning skills and by building a strong foundation of learning to get the brain to reacting faster and faster as their training progress. Learning to react to stimuli, basically people on all levels enjoy learning and playing fast skills and are always happy to compete with others to gain extremely fast skills. One example I can give is play knuckles with me and you will quickly learn to respond faster. So to answer the question is I train by teaching and interacting with athletes on all levels of competencies.

ET: How do you cross-train?

AK: I am a coach of several sports and believe that training in many different sports is important, but the single most important aspect is to keep sharp by incorporating reaction action skills into every part of my life, like slipping through a door that’s about to shut, trying to catch things at ridicules speeds and enjoying the challenge of being as fast as I can be.

ET: How many other people do what you do?

AK: I hold many very unusual Guinness World Records and some have never been challenged, so that means that people are not interested or unwilling to achieve what I have. And as far as I know I am the only Specialist Reaction Coach. I introduced the World’s first electronic training device in 1995.

ET: What is your typical event like? Do you speak? Demo? Both?

AK: Training as I Coach is the best way for me to demonstrate the level that I work at and the level that athletes can achieve if they follow my Reaction training programme. Also once people are in the zone during training it is easier to communicate my ideas and philosophies about being super fast.

ET: Can reaction time be improved?

AK: Yes. Some people are born with ‘faster’ twitch fibre muscles then others, but I am a firm believer that you can improve any skill that you put your mind and body into learning. Through the correct training including:
A) Dedicate your life to being as fast as YOU can be. That means try and do the impossible like slipping into an automatic door before it closes play games with kids, but most importantly have fun.
B) Dream, visualize and create an awareness that you are the best that you can be and that you can even be better

ET: Do you work with athletes? How?

AK: I coach many local, state and national teams each year and individuals that what some training that is out of the ordinary.

ET: Were you “born” to do this?

AK: I have just been tested in some of the world’s best Universities and the conclusion is that I am 10 times faster than the average human and this is contributed to my genetics, (my father was very fast and strong and my grandfather was an famous bushman with extraordinary abilities, like grabbing a red-belly blacksnake and creaking (like a whip) their heads off and also my diet, which consists of just meat, potatoes, rice, bread and chocolate, I have NEVER eaten fruit or vegetables. Also my intense training resume.

ET: How has this helped you in other areas of life?

AK: Well I have a lot of fame but not much fortune. But training in martial arts and delving into the works of what goes on in our minds and body, it has shown me that we can all achieve what we want if we really want it.
My motto is ‘practice is the key to success’ so if I have a message it is find out what you want out of life and start training hard. Will you see results? Yes, but it will take time. Do not give up and you will achieve greatness.

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