Message # 129 Laughter Really IS the Best Medicine

This message is especially dedicated to the great Jennifer Downes.

When you smile, or when you laugh, your body doesn’t know whether you’re TRULY smiling or laughing. It doesn’t know if you are TRULY happy or not. So if you’re in a bad mood or something bothers you, just smile or laugh for one minute and you will instantly feel better. Better yet, start your day with some meditation or smiling/laughing and set the tone for the day, why wait until something bad happens, CREATE a great day.

But do yourself a favor…do this in private or people will think you are going insane.

Ready for a scary statistic?

The average 4 year old laughs 300 times a day.


The average adult laughs…

15 times a day.

Perhaps we need to work on this…

Watch the video below; it’s brilliant!

Thanks for reading.

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