Message # 135 This Message is Late…Sorry

Today’s message is dedicated to the great Ted Borsuk.

As you know, my normal routine is to meditate as the sun is rising and then write in my blog within an hour of sunrise. Today, my blog should have been written by 8:15 AM EST. It is now 10:38 AM EST. I am sorry. I took my puppy out at 7 AM, but then went back to bed or a bit. I DID meditate in bed, but no blog entry until now.

One thing that we need to do more of is admit our faults. I think many times we try to sugar-coat things to make ourselves feel better. Our focus is something on the outside, instead of something on the inside.

“It’s not your landscape, it’s your mindscape.”

We tend to blame others, blame conditions, or situations. We look towards something external to blame for our problems; why we are not successful, rich or happy.

“Oh, I didn’t get around to doing that report today, people just kept coming into my office.”

“Why does that always happen to ME?”

“How come I just can’t lose weight?”

It’s not your job.

It’s not your friends.

It’s not your family.

It’s not the media.

It’s not the economy.

It’s not the guy that cut you off on the highway this morning.

It’s not because you’re a Virgo.

It’s not because you live an a cardboard box.

It’s YOU! How you live on the inside affects how you live on the outside. If YOU want to live the life you want, then YOU must make it happen.

When something doesn’t go your way, ask…

“How did I make that happen? What can i do differently next time?”

Remember this formula: E+R=O…Event plus Response equals Outcome.

Be honest with yourself and others.

Take 100% responsibility for your life.

“The wind cannot move a mountain.”

“Ninety-nine percent of all failures come from people who have a habit of making excuses.”
-George Washington Carver

Thanks for reading.

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