Message # 134 Live from New York, it’s Ed’s Blog!

This message is dedicated to the amazing Cindi Holliday.

My morning meditation today was especially enjoyable today because I performed it 26 floors above 42nd Street in New York City. It’s amazing to take it all in, even before the sun comes up. You can see the tiny cars moving around below; you can hear their horns. You can look straight and see all the lights from the skyscrapers, then you look down at the flashing lights bringing you towards Times Square. I love it.

I was up again at 4am with some new ideas. I had to get up and write them down. I’m on the verge of something big. Let’s just call it Operation Nexus.

Many people think I’m crazy for getting up at 4am to write ideas down.

Many people think I’m crazy because I have so much energy.

Many people think I’m crazy because I am always so positive.

Many people think I’m crazy because I write in my blog every day.

You know what ? They’re right!

I’m crazy about life; I’m crazy about helping people; I’m crazy about making a difference and leaving a legacy.

If you look at anybody in the history books, at some point in their lives, people thought they were crazy…I think I’m on the right path.

Some people think that I was just born with this energy and zest. My friend Dan thinks it’s from the green tea I drink. You know what it really is?…

I have gratitude EVERY day of my life and appreciate all that I have, from my socks that keep my feet warm to the Internet that helps me spread my message to you on a daily basis. I know what my true purpose is in life, and I organize all my activities around it. I love learning and I love thinking of new ideas to make a difference. THAT gives me energy. Remember that letter I received yesterday from Coach Cohen in Boston? THAT gave me energy.

If anyone has a good success story, I’d love to hear it. It could be about you or someone that you know. I’d like to hear about how someone that hit bottom and bounced back up.

“The best way to motivate yourself is by motivating someone else.”
– Dr. Rob Gilbert, Success Hotline: 973 743 4690

Thanks for reading.

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