Message # 133 This is What It’s All About…

This message is especially dedicated to the great Kate Fehn.

Below is a letter I received yesterday…

To Whom It May Concern,

Ed Tseng came to the Jackson Mann School in October 2007 to address our boys basketball team. He shared many performance strategies during the hour-long meeting, and received enthusiastic and energetic responses from the team. Ed captured and held their attention not by lecture, but through a diverse array of techniques, such as: a magic trick, visual aids, a video, stories, quotes, and activities.

As the basketball coach of a Boston Public School, it was wonderful to see the team engaged and mesmerized by Ed’s presentation, especially when they realized that the strategies Ed suggested would translate to success in the classroom as well as on the court. In talking with some members of the team and hearing reports from their teachers, I see a sense of hope and optimism from them, as they have taken Ed’s messages to heart and applied his strategies to basketball, school, and life.

As a coach and teacher I am grateful for Ed’s visit. As one of my 7th grade players told me the other day when he saw that I was having a rough day, “Remember what Ed told us Mr. Cohen…you’ve gotta bounce back up when you’re feeling low! High energy!” This statement came from a student who, until recently, had been one of my biggest discipline problems. Thank you Ed.


A. Cohen
Boys Basketball Coach
6th Grade ELA Teacher

“It’s not about what you expect to get, it’s all about what you expect to give. “

Thanks for reading.

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