Well, Michael Phelps has done it. All his hard work has paid off. Can words describe what this U.S. Olympic Swimming sensation has done in Beijing? Not really, but NBC’s Dan Hicks put it best…

“Phelps is Tiger (Woods) in a Speedo.”

I agree. Nobody works harder and nobody is more mentally tough. And Phelps is just as dominating in the pool as Tiger is on the course. And they both have powerful strokes.

“There are so many uncanny ways that Phelps reminds me of Tiger, it’s scary,” Hicks said during a media call this week from Beijing. “If Tiger is over a putt,” Hicks said, “and he has to make it, I watched him at the U.S. Open and he made it. When Phelps needs to have some sort of magical touch to win a gold medal and get it done, he does the same thing.”

Let the games continue…

Congratulations, Michael Phelps.

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