Message # 71 MORE HOPE

This message is especially dedicated to the great Grace Ho.

No matter what the difficulties, the trials, the disappointments, those who have risen to the top never lost hope. Hope gives us the promise of something good, despite the odds, something we can attain. Hope sets the mind in a positive vein, gives us something to look forward to and patience to wait. Hope is a heart-warming blend of desire, expectation, patience, and joy. It is an emotional medicine, indispensable to the soul. -Martin Buxbaum

So, whatever you do, in school, at work, in your relationships, in your sport or when you’re doing nothing, there will always be difficulties. The problem isn’t that we HAVE difficulties, the problem is that we DWELL on them. You can’t drown by falling in water, you drown by staying there. Martin Seligman, Ph. D., is the father of Positive Psychology. He talks about Learned Helplessness. Basically, Seligman says that a negative state of mind is really conditioning. When a string of negative things happen, people tend to give up hope, but the fact of the matter is that there is STILL hope. People focus on past events and start to give up and act helpless.

If you have hope and you are in a positive mindset, even if bad things happen to you, you can change your state instantly and focus on acceptance, gratitude, what you can learn from it. If you have hope and the right mindset, you will rise to the top of whatever you do and achieve peak performance.

Can you do it? Is it possible? Do you think there is a true champion inside you? I believe in you; I may not even KNOW you, but I guarantee ALL of you can become great. ANYTHING can be attained with the right mindset.

Remember, people are like teabags…you don’t see their true strength until they’re in hot water.

Thanks for reading.

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