Moses and St. Peter were playing golf in heaven, as they sometimes did in their spare time.

Moses teed off with a smooth, practiced swing and sent the ball rocketing down the fairway and onto the green. He smiled inwardly, knowing that St. Peter would have a hard time matching that first shot.

When St. Peter addressed the ball, he did so a bit hastily, and his drive hooked sharply toward the trees. Moses could barely conceal his amusement. The first hole was going to be his by a number of strokes.

But then, from out of nowhere, an eagle swooped down above the fairway, reached the hooking ball just as it was about to disappear in the greenery, and snatched it in its beak. The eagle then flew off toward the green, circled above it, and dropped the ball neatly in the cup.

“All right, Pete,” said Moses grimly, “are we going to play golf, or are we going to fool around?”

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