Do you believe that there’s greatness inside you?

Well, it’s true. So why, then doesn’t everyone achieve greatness?

Here are my top four reasons…

1. People don’t believe that they can be great.

2. They quit too early.

3. They don’t want it badly enough.

4. They try to figure everything out themselves.

One of the quickest ways to become great at whatever you do is to do what the great ones are doing. If you want to become a great tennis player, find out what the great ones are doing, and copy them. Train like they train. Eat what they eat. Think how they think.

Work, school and music are the same way.

“If I wanted to become a tramp,
I would seek information and advice
from the most successful tramp I could find.
If I wanted to become a failure
I would seek advice from men
who have never succeeded.
If I wanted to succeed in all things,
I would look around me
for those who are succeeding,
and do as they have done.”

Thanks for reading.

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