Today’s message is especially dedicated to the great Warren Bobrow, food critic/blogger.


Think back to the best match you ever played.

Notice how you didn’t have many thoughts going on in your head?

You just did it.

Now think back to the worst match you ever played.

Notice how you kept thinking things like, “why do you keep missing that shot?!” “what’s wrong with you?!” “you stink!”

There’s a secret formula for peak performance…

P = P – I

Performance = Potential Minus Interference

You have all the potential in the world already inside you.

If you can subtract the interference (fear of failure, focus, results, other people, pressure, what you’re eating later, etc), you will perform at the highest level.

I know what you’re thinking, how can I get rid of the interference?

There are many ways, here’s one:

Do what Pete Sampras used to do…

Focus on where you’re going to serve and where you’re going to hit the next shot.

That’s it.

Simple but effective.


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  1. Herbert Schnaubelt
    Herbert Schnaubelt says:

    I used the same formula P = P – I 3 years ago in our adult summer clinics.
    Hope that means that great minds come to similar solutions.


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