Tennis is not a matter of life and death – it’s much more important than that.


Well, today is the first day of summer tennis camp for me. I only have a few students signed up for the first week, which is typical. And the courts are wet. But I’m psyched! And nervous.

Obviously I want to have the courts filled and the sun out, but you know what, it’s okay if that doesn’t happen.

If I only had one camper, I would be excited. Mother Teresa said, “If you can’t feed one hundred people, just feed one.” My assistants and I know that it’s not just about “feeding balls,” but about helping students learn a skill, get fit, learn discipline and positive thinking…and have fun! I incorporate life lessons and sportspersonship/teamwork into the tennis. How many of my students will go pro? Not many. But they can all use the lessons learned to become better students, romantic partners, employees, family members and people.

And if the courts stay wet? Big deal. I am prepared with fitness/nutrition, videos, and a mental training program. It forces me to perform under pressure and get a little creative. And it helps me become stronger and better at what I do.

Hmm, sounds a bit like tennis.

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