Your Greatest Asset…

Do you know what your greatest asset is? No, it’s not money. No, it’s not the car you drive or your house. Your biggest asset is your BODY. What can you do without your body? How will you perform if you don’t have a HEALTHY body?

It’s 7:52am right now and I truly feel like a million bucks! Now, mind you, I am not a morning person, but I decided recently that I would going to be one. Here’s what I did this morning so far…

Like most other people, it’s a drag to get out of my comfortable bed in the morning. But as soon as my alarm went off, I SPRUNG OUT OF BED! I proceeded to take my puppy for a walk and begin to CREATE my day. It’s supposed to be an hour of power, but I shoot for 26 minutes, at least 5 days/week. Basically how it works is you start walking briskly and focus on your breathing…4 quick breaths in through the nose, 4 quick breaths out through the mouth. Start feeling the energy and blood flow. The next step is to have gratitude. Think about all the good things in your life. Truly APPRECIATE all that you have. Most people focus on all the negatives or their past failures, and guess what they get? The next thing you should do is VISUALIZE all of your goals and pretend that they have already been attained. Remember, your brain doesn’t know the difference between what you visualize and what is actually true, so the more you do this, the more it will help you get to your goals.

I can’t tell you how amazing this feels. I feel so alive and gracious and ready to have an amazing day while getting closer to my goals. I came home, fed the pup, and revved up my new juicer. I HIGHLY recommend purchasing a juicer. This is probably one of the best purchases I have EVER made. It gives me so much energy. REAL energy, not caffeine from coffee or tea or those ridiculous energy drinks. You get the same effect with real fruit juice. This morning I used oranges, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, red and white grapes, and carrots. Talk about a powerful drink! Note: you should consume fresh fruit and fresh fruit juices on an EMPTY stomach. If you consume them after a meal, it doesn’t have the same benefit.

Now, you may be saying, Ed, I don’t have TIME to get up early or make fresh juice. My reply to you is, “You don’t have TIME for HEALTH?!#” You don’t have time to increase the quality and length of your life? Don’t you think that LIVING should be on the top of your list of things to do? If you’re too busy to do this…YOU’RE TOO BUSY!!!

Try it for a week and please tell me if it doesn’t make a difference in your life. I’ll give you a free 1 hour private lesson if you don’t feel ANY change in your energy/life/motivation/body.

So here’s a review:
1. Do your hour of power…or at least 20 minutes (brisk walk, breathing, gratitude, visualization)
2. Buy a juicer…choose your favorite fruit and chug it down on an empty stomach.

Is that too much to ask? More on nutrition tomorrow…

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