Don’t know much about physiology…

So how many of you played pretend yesterday? How did it feel? What did you learn? It’s all in your physiology. You could be depressed and instantly get out of your funk by just changing your physiology, or body language. When people are depressed, what does their body do? They slump over, head down, and move slowly. Guess what? If they just stood up, put their chin up and breathed deeply, they would instantly get out of their depressed state. Try it…stand up, chest out, head up and breathe deeply. Can you feel depressed? It’s very difficult. Pretty cool, huh?

So you can be tired and STILL increase your energy, THEN your performance will stay high. If you’re tired and you DECREASE your energy, guess what your performance will be like? Might as well be home in bed. Thoughts are one thing, but if you take ACTION, you can CONTROL your emotions.

Have you ever seen me in a bad mood or depressed? … And you NEVER will. It’s not that I don’t feel those emotions, everybody does, I just know how to take different ACTION so it doesn’t paralyze me. Remember, YOU control your destiny. It’s all in your decisions HOW to act.

Homework: Next time you feel tired or depressed, get up and ACT energized and happy and see what happens. Stand straight, chest out, head up, and breathe deeply…

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